Friday, 9 December 2011

Make Computer Useless

Although Hacking Computer is good Job but why could not make it un-useful to Anyone....

This dirty trick will make Computer owner Cry....the only way to Repair is to install new motherboard....Here is the Trick..

1) Start victims Computer and go to BIOS Configuration

2) BIOS Setup Page can be Accessed by Pressing DEL or F2 Button when Computer Starts ( Boots). Button is different for Every Mother Board.You can find out when You Start your computer and a Post Screen Comes before Loading the Windows or Linux.

3)Now Go Boot Section and Disable " Boot by Hard Disk " and other Boot Options too. Number of Options must be coming showing
         HDD SATA ....  - Disable it
         CD /DVD RW Drive - Disable it
         Newtork Drive       - Disable it

4) Now Set Password for Your BOOT and BIOS by going to Security Tab . Confirm it.

5) Now Restart the Computer and the Computer will fail to Boot .

Explanation  - Computer Starts and Find BOOT Block of OS installed . Now here we have disabled the BOOT Option for Hard Disk , CD/DVD,Network . So Computer is not able to Boot from these Peripherals.
So To change this the Computer Repairer will go to BIOS to Set Hard disk as the BOOT Priority.Now He does not know the Password of BIOS . So He is not able to Install the OS and can not set Hard Disk for Boot Priority.

Although BIOS Passwords can be cracked ( like taking out the cell )but good Motherboards are good Guarded.            

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