Saturday, 10 December 2011

How to Swap Mouse Button

Batch Trick....just one Line...must work in XP and above.

Code -

@echo off
rundll32 user32,SwapMouseButton
msg * Your Mouse Button Swapped.

Copy this to notepad and save as hi.bat and double click on it.


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  2. Hi your way is pretty cool~!!

    but how can I reswap mouse button?

    Is the only way reboot computer?

    I want to know swapping mouse button quite freely just to click executable file.....

  3. hey restore or to swap it back again to a right-hand mouse, you need to run the mouse icon from the Control Panel.

    Reason - rundll32 is process which monitors every device and other svchost process,but changes made to it are refreshed on restart or restored from the main control center , for this process its mouse panel from control panel....

    there are lots of bat to exe converter....check out on will find free bat to exe converter..


  4. I want to swap occasionally just designating bat or exe file (by running shortcut program) when i need.
    But the only way to restore or to swap is to run the Control panel(it need many clicking...), I should find another way......anyway thank you for your advice.

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