Wednesday, 10 January 2018

No need to talk..Communicate Mind to Mind using tech

                                                    Neuro Comm

In the brain-to-brain equivalent of "instant messaging," the study shows how the international team of neuroscientists and robotics engineers used various "Neuro Technologies" to send messages via the Internet between the intact scalps of two human subjects over 5,000 miles apart - one in India and the other in France.

Studies have already shown that a person can have a conscious thought about moving an arm or a leg, and that thought can be conveyed via EEG-based brain-computer interaction to a computer that passes it to a robot that moves a limb or controls a wheelchair.
But this new study takes that a stage further by adding a second human brain to the other end of the communication system and they can communicate simple thoughts like "hey " or "thank you"  , at the other end , another computer recieves this information and translates to EEG format which is transmitted to brain  through the scalps of the receivers as non-invasive brain stimulations with the help of robotized TMS.

This means , Language is not gonna be a barrier between people of different countries , state or in fact towns ( India here ;) ) .

Also the amount of Energy and Time Humans waste during communication through their mouth or in writing , can be saved and will result in faster task execution , this could be the chance to merge with AI

There are certain Neuro technologies which allows people to transmit messages or broadcasts over network which can be used to train AI to solve complex problem , this is called Hive Minds.

Obviously this is not the final tech in this space , there can be a whole network of minds connected over network to solve a problem which my friend Isaac Arthur explains in his Video 

Another potential Company which is working in this space is Neuro-Link , funded and founded by Elon Musk , which can be used to achieve the above Neuro Tech.